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If you are looking to take some expert advice on any form of decorating Corinium Paints are here to help!

Ensure that you take the time to speak to a member of our team before starting any preparation/work. There are many new advances in the paint industry that allow you to save time and money without cutting corners, we can make you aware of these before it’s too late!

The time taken to get your project, no matter the size, off to the correct start is crucial! It only takes 1 wrong part of preparation to make everything else completely irrelevant. We sell top quality products however not even they can save you from a dodgy piece of filling!

Products and patience is the key to a great finish! Our clients rely on us for advice and we rely on them to trust us, attempting to rush your job will undoubtedly have a negative affect on your project. The products need to be given the time they need to perform at their best.

Corinium Paints Colour Consultation

If you are looking for any help with colours/quantities/products on a larger scale then please speak to us about our colour consultations. We Offer a 1 to 1 consultation with our owner Mitchell Clarke to work through all of your questions in a private setting, Clients that have been a part of this in the past have been very happy with the money they have saved and the knowledge they have gained for future projects. If you would like to find out more details regarding this then please send an email with your enquiry to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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